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Air Purifier Cake (21 Pcs and 1 Tulsi Stand)

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Experience the divine fusion of tradition and aroma with our Panchgavya and Cow Dung Cakes, now available in five enchanting fragrances - Lemongrass, Natural, Amber, Rose, and Oud. Crafted with care in India, these cakes are a testament to the rich heritage of Hindu rituals and the power of natural elements.

Authentic Panchgavya Blend: Our product features an authentic blend of Panchgavya, a revered mixture in Hindu rituals. This sacred concoction is derived from five products of the cow - milk, urine, dung, ghee, and curd, each contributing to its unique properties.

Versatile Uses in Rituals: The cow dung cake, also known as Kanda or Upla, is an integral component of various religious activities like Hawan, Homam, Pooja, and Agnihotra. It is celebrated for its purifying properties, creating a serene and sanctified atmosphere for meditation and worship.

Natural Fertilizer: Beyond its spiritual significance, this product is an exceptional organic fertilizer. Rich in nutrients, it enhances soil health and promotes robust plant growth. The Panchagavya cow dung is especially effective in counteracting the harmful effects of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, thus nurturing your plants in the most natural way.

Air Purification: When burnt with ghee, the cow dung cake is believed to release oxygen, purifying the air and contributing to a healthier environment.

Made in India: Proudly made in India, this product upholds the traditional practices and knowledge passed down through generations. It embodies the purity and sanctity of Indian tradition.

Traditional and Aromatic Panchagavya and Cow Dung Cakes: Embracing Indian Heritage

Delve into the spiritual and natural world with our Traditional and Aromatic Panchagavya and Cow Dung Cakes. These products are not just an homage to Indian heritage, but also a sustainable choice for ritual practices and organic gardening.

  • Sacred Blend of Panchagavya: Our Panchagavya is a sacred concoction made from five cow-derived products: milk, urine, dung, ghee, and curd. This blend is deeply rooted in Hindu rituals, believed to purify and sanctify the surroundings.
  • Cow Dung Cakes in Five Fragrances: We offer cow dung cakes in five unique fragrances - Lemongrass, Natural, Amber, Rose, and Oud. Each fragrance is carefully chosen to enhance the spiritual experience, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to your rituals and meditation practices.
  • Eco-Friendly and Organic Fertilizer: These cakes are not only pivotal in religious ceremonies but also serve as an excellent natural fertilizer. They enrich the soil, promote healthy plant growth, and effectively counter the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers.
  • Air Purification Properties: When burnt with ghee, our cow dung cakes help purify the air, a practice that dates back to ancient times. The addition of distinct fragrances further augments this purification process, filling your space with pleasant and healthful aromas.
  • Made with Traditional Expertise: Proudly crafted in India, our products reflect the age-old traditions and wisdom of Indian culture. They are a tribute to the sustainable practices and spiritual beliefs that have been preserved through generations.

Embrace the essence of Indian tradition with our Panchagavya and Cow Dung Cakes. They offer a unique combination of spiritual significance, environmental consciousness, and a touch of aromatic bliss, making them a perfect addition to your daily rituals and gardening practices.

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Air Purifier Cake (21 Pcs and 1 Tulsi Stand)

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Customer Reviews

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Ganesh Nayak
It's Good and not the best

Good product

Natural product

Very satisfied with this product, very natural

Sujata Tikku
Cooper title

Burns easily ash doesn’t get blown away settles well

Dr. Lalit S Thakur

would like to have something similar in gugal

Nature's Touch at Home!

WowNandi's Air Purifier Cake is a revelation! It's not just an air freshener, it's like bringing a piece of nature indoors. The scent is refreshingly natural, not at all overpowering. Its sleek design is a plus, and it's so easy to use. Love that it's eco-friendly too. A must-try for anyone!

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